A Rare Look at the Comings and Goings in Moscow’s Metro

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Based in Israel, photographer Tomer Ifrah’s work takes him to many countries, where he documents life and culture for several leading magazines including The New Yorker, The Guardian, Financial Times Weekend magazine, British Journal Of Photography, Lens Culture, Business Insider, The Calvert Journal, Esquire (Russia) And CNN.

For one of his most recent projects, he took his camera to the glamorous underground system that keeps Moscow connected. He spent three months documenting the commuters that would come and go, and this fantastic photo series entitled Moscow Metro is the final result.

Tomer explains,

“The artfully designed stations, many first built in the 1930s, are filled with symbols of the nation’s history. More than seven million commuters pass through the Moscow metro every day, one of the few places in the city which brings together people from all parts of the society.”

Scroll down to have a look at Tomer’s work.

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